Atelier Galerie

~ since 1997 ~

Atelier Galerie was born 19 years ago! It is owned and managed by jeweler and textile designer Phyllis Lang in Savannah, Georgia,
Her intentions were to create a place where she could bring together multiple styles designed by multiple talented artists.

Through her journey she has been able to grow Atelier Galerie into a store with more than 35+ different artists that she knows personally. Phyllis Lang takes the time to hand select all of the handmade jewelry considering her clientele's taste and current trends. She works on her own collections with her in-store crew and dutifully represents the artists she carries while sharing her incredible knowledge to all who come in and show interest.

Here at Atelier Galerie we offer cases full of gorgeous jewelry meant to cater to a wide variety of clientele.
There is something for everyone at our shop! So come check us out!



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